What is Popwire all about?
Popwire is all about putting smiles on faces and making memories! Instead of a specific genre or era, the band's songlist covers all kinds of mainstream music, with recognizable, fun party songs that you can sing along and dance to. Popwire is a party, and you're invited!

I want Popwire to play my wedding/bar/party/event!
Awesome! We want to play it! Check out the contact page here for more info on how to connect with us!

Can you guys play ____?
Popwire has an extensive and ever-changing songlist. If we don't know your request, shoot us an email or Facebook message (or better yet, hit us up at a show), and we'll make it happen!

What about songs with stronger language in them?
We do our best to stay true to the original songs, but in some cases, lyrics in certain tunes are not appropriate for certain venues. We will ALWAYS follow our client's policy on this. Whether you want the songs played true to form, with radio edits, or squeaky clean, we have no problem accommodating you!

What does the band wear onstage?
Popwire typically performs in the same attire as our promo pictures, with neon ties and accessories on a dark base. If you have a specific request otherwise, please let us know beforehand!

We want to book you for our event.. but we are looking for something more specific or an acoustic act...
Popwire is designed to appeal to a wide range of people and age groups, and is excellent for diverse crowds. If you are after something more specific, the members of Popwire perform in a few other projects, including The Feenies, The Soundtrack of the 90s, and Request Station, which is an acoustic act that focuses on audience requests!

I have a question you didn't mention here..
Feel free to ask it! Hit us up at popwireband@gmail.com, or feel free to reach us through any of the methods listed on the contact page!